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The Idea Factory Films & Productions
Idea Factory Films is a Riyadh, Saudi Arabian production company dedicated to creating quality content for local and international clients. We are here to provide any video for your company within a reasonable budget. Having Commercial Film Maker who create documentary style films for our clients in the film studio.

About Us

Some information about our self.

Developing awesome clients with passion since 2007.

We have worked across the GCC and MENA region creating content for local and international clients.

Idea Factory Films

A Cinematography and Event rentals & Production House

We are full service video production company in Riyadh, making beautiful corporate videos for local and international clients with great event support.

We have a dedicated approach to each customers. Our first video with a customer always takes a while as we learn your branding guidelines and exactly what content you need. We’re there for the long term, and will always work tirelessly to make your content perfect. Also to support photography and videography services in all mean available with our production house.

When you do not know what you are doing and what you are doing is the best – that is inspiration.

– Robert Bresson –

Our Video and Event Production Process

If this is the first time you’ve commissioned a video, we understand that the process may seem a little confusing at first. We’ve made this breakdown to help guide you through it.

  1. Scriptwriting and Pre-Production

    Where it all begins
    This is the start of the filming process, where we start with the script development. Have a solid think about your video, where is it going to be used, who is going to see it? Then, Consider video length. After all this, we go for script approval, budget confirmation and the half payment of the project.
  2. Production and filming

    The fun part !
    We have a script, we have the approval & its time to roll on. By Detailing the schedule, prepare our facilities and scouting the locations. We do the Interview preparation where the actual interview going to film on, and decide the whole actual filming process.
  3. Post-production and delivery

    Sticking it all together
    What we start do internally is getting all the footage dumped and start to edit it in-house using Premiere pro. We do the whole rough cut and send you the video to check. We get you approve the voice over and finish the post production iwth having different sets of video format ready.
  4. Invoicing and final payment

    Lets party !
    We recieve the remaining amount from you and we provide you all the files which has been done properly.

Our Services

Our services are provided with professional care.

Film Production Services

Our goal is to make your film and video production an amazing experience whilst creating the highest quality product. By specializing in digital video productions we help our clients execute an effective corporate marketing communications plan. We can create spectacular event video productions, trade show videos, and web site video productions to assist your company in your business-to-business marketing needs.

2D & 3D Animation

Animation is a powerful skill to have in our creative toolbox. 3D animation is used to aid product visualization, to preview architectural structures, to showcase product prototypes and to bring brands to life. Our animation studio will push your pixels harder! We work directly with clients and as a resource for creative agencies and other film production companies. Choose from 2D or 3D animated titles and moving scenes.

Aerial / UAS Video Production

At Idea Factory Films, we offer professional High-Definition, UAS (unmanned aerial systems) drone video and photography for all types of productions from TV commercials to corporate videos. Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are equipped with HD video camera, to get the shots and footage that full-sized helicopters and aircraft just cannot do. As a full-service video production company we provide a wide range of video services.

Event & Conferences

To cover the full event you are organizing, our experts are ready to capture it in a professional manner. Our event division is capable of arranging and managing your conferences and video division will capture and edit it in a professional broadcast friendly manner.



Our budgets generally range from 20-200k SAR, with some leeway either side. We’ll send you a realistic budget endeavoring to factor in everything you need.

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